Janice Seney

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Janice Seney is the founder of The Storehouse Ministries and www.PropheticTeachings.com.  Janice is a speaker who tours the country committed to equipping the people of God so they can individually come to spiritual maturity; corporately so they can unite in the common purpose of displaying the fullness of Jesus Christ. The Storehouse website is another tool in helping develop a network of people, a resource of leaders and a place of equipping the saints that will help bring the Body of Christ to maturity. Janice lives in the Austin, Texas area. “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy…everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort.” – 1 Cor 14:1-3






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Notice to our Readers: Thank you for your interest in Janice Seney and The Storehouse Ministry. Janice has a heart for you to learn to hear the voice of God in your own life. When it comes to requests for prayer or personal ministry of prophetic words she recommends that you seek out trusted individuals that you have a relationship with to agree with you in these matters.  God has placed them in your life for this very reason. Thank you kindly for understanding her heart on this.   


Word for 2017 - by Janice Seney

I am an unchanging God, but I am the God of Change. Wherever I go I bring change. People desire to bring me into their mist, but they don’t want change. If I come into your mist, I will bring change. I will disrupt lives and bring change. Even as a seed goes through great change to bring forth great transformation into a fruit bearing plant, so must lives be changed. Change Change Change Many times people want me to come. They want me to fit into the small place they make available to me, but the very life I bring will break their small lives even as the life in a seed breaks the seed. Change! Do you love me enough to yield to the changing transformations I do? If you follow me, you will lose your life (old identity) so that you might find a new changed life. Do you love the seed more than the gift inside the seed? Your life as you know it is the seed. The life I have placed on the inside is the real treasure. Your container ( your identity “life” as you know it) must be sacrificed so the life I have placed on the inside can come forth. You are a people of conformity and I am a God of diversity, uniqueness, and variety. All who will arise and move with me shall blossom into the unique and diverse instruments I have called them to be. My Word is the only limitations, not man’s guidelines, but my Word. I am disrupting man’s organizations and containers. I will no longer be boxed in. I am bursting forth. I will no longer be contained. CHANGE! I am inviting you to partake of change. CHANGE! Death to your old identity… death to the familiar. I am an unchanging God, but I am a God of change.




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